Why Choose Organic Coffee?

When you go to a cafe and ask for coffee, what do you get? If you are lucky, you will get your regular cup of coffee – but if you want to make the most of your coffee experience, you will find that a good cup of organic fair trade coffee will improve it. You might think that buying organically grown coffee is a more expensive option than buying regular coffee, but the organic alternative will actually save you money over the long run. There are several reasons to choose organic coffee as opposed to the traditionally grown variety:

When you grow coffee beans yourself, you ensure that they are as natural as possible. There are no chemical additives or pesticides used in the growing process. If you grow your own coffee, it means that each and every bean have passed the same rigorous standards of quality and are grown at the same high quality standards. This means that your organic coffee beans are free of any chemicals or toxins, which can be harmful if consumed in large doses. Organic coffee beans also come from uncontaminated soil, which can help you to appreciate your cup of Joe more, knowing that it was grown without the harmful effects of unnatural pesticides.

It’s important to note that organic coffee beans are not all fresh. Coffee can sometimes go bad in a day or two after it has been roasted. This often happens if the beans were stored at too high of a temperature (such as in a garage or basement), so it is important to store coffee at the correct temperature to keep it fresh for longer. Once opened, coffee should not be left out in the open, as it can begin to mold and degrade quickly. Storing coffee tightly closed in its bag is the best way to preserve it for later.

In addition to freshness, organic beans contain much less caffeine than coffee beans grown with the assistance of chemicals. Caffeine can be a trigger for those with sensitive digestive systems, and it is believed that coffee beans contain around three hundred different chemical compounds. Many of these compounds are thought to contribute to cancer development, so drinking organic coffee is a great step in reducing your risk of cancer. Organic coffee beans also contain less lignin, another compound that can cause tooth decay. If you are looking for a healthier mouth, consider organic as your next cup of Joe.

It’s important to understand how coffee is made, because there are several important differences between organic coffee beans and coffee grown using conventional methods. Organic farmers must refrain from using chemicals on their crops, including spraying them with insecticides and other chemicals. They also do not use chemicals to promote growth or harvest their crops. This means that they are not polluting the air or releasing harmful toxins into the ground.

When you brew organic coffee beans, you will enjoy a stronger, cleaner taste. However, the flavor of organic coffee is still pleasant enough to be enjoyed every morning. Drinking coffee that is not treated with pesticides can have health benefits for you and your family. If you are concerned about the chemicals in grocery store coffee, then consider making your own brew at

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