Neuer Capital – A Reliable Cryptocurrency Trading Solution

Admit it, you are here because you got to know about the cryptocurrency trading just this year. But you do not have to worry because you are not the only who has learnt about cryptocurrencies only now. There are several people who just learnt about the cryptocurrency industry recently even though it has been around for more than 11 years.

The reason is that the cryptocurrency industry has gained an enormous amount of user-base and mainstream success in the current year. This is the reason why many people have started learning about the platform and want to do online trading.

What You Must Know About Neuer Capital

When it comes to online trading, there are more than 500 cryptocurrency exchanges all over internet. However, there are only a handful that have managed to stay true to their claims and reputation. Among these crypto-exchanges is Neuer Capital that is constantly practicing advancements and traditional crypto-trading activities.

However, many fake and bogus crypto-trading firms have tried branding the crypto-broker as Neuer Capital Scam. Even then the exchange is constantly gaining user-base and recognition.

Neuer Capital’s Goal

In the recent years, the crypto-industry has gained an enormous amount of user-base and capitalization. This is the reason why many crypto-exchanges have become distracted due to the monetary gains. As a result, the crypto-exchanges have lost focus and have completely deserted the investors. Neuer Capital’s goal is to ensure that it helps the crypto-industry re-instate its traditions, practices, and most importantly, regain the reputation that the industry has lost in the past few years.

Account Types that Neuer Capital Offers

While majority of the crypto-exchanges are focused on extracting huge investments from the investors, Neuer Capital focuses on providing its users with a freedom of choice. At present, the exchange offers 6 different types of crypto-trading accounts to the investors. The trading accounts that Neuer Capital offers start from Basic trading account and go all the way up to Black trading account. For the basic account, the investors can make a deposit as low as €1,000 to acquire the account.

Trading Instruments that Neuer Capital Offers

When it comes to trading instruments, Neuer Capitals users to trade in more than 2,000 crypto-assets in numerous crypto-trading markets. The most prominent crypto-trading instruments that the firm currently offers include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

Trading Platform Offered by Neuer Capital

When it comes to trading with Neuer Capital, the firm ensures that the investors are provided by top-notch services and skills. Therefore, the platform has been equipped with tools and features, out of which the most prominent are daily market news, price alerts, trading signals, product charts, and historical reports etc.

KYC & AML Regulations Followed by Neuer Capital

While majority of the crypto-exchanges try to evade the KYC & AML policies, Neuer Capital or as the fake exchanges would call it Neuer Capital Scam is fully compliant with both the regulations. When it comes to KYC, the firm ensures it gathers personal identification information from its users. As for the AML policy, the firm closely monitors any transactions made by the users. If the transaction amounts are higher than the set limit, then the firm runs thorough investigations to check if they are authentic transactions or involved in any money-laundering acts.

Other Services Offered by Neuer Capital

Apart from the above services and facilities, the Neuer Capital offers its educational program for the profile grooming of its investors. The crypto-broker also provides investors with over the phone and via email customer support. The support team tasked with the responsibility is highly skilled, professional, empathetic, and friendly when it comes to providing real-time support to the investors.

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