How To Make Your Skin Glow Again

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

A youthful glow is a sought-after elixir that many pay thousands to obtain through cosmetic surgery,expensive creams or evenface lifts as the years tick on by. While many of these options areused by the rich and famous – and remain out of reach for most – there’s plenty that can be done to ensure your skin remains soft, supple and radiant, without needing to undergo the knife.

Flushed with colour

When blood rushes to your skin, such as when you blush or laugh, your cheeks naturally glow with colour in an area that often gets sallow or pale with age. Laughter is one of the fastest ways to highlight your natural beauty, but if you want to fake it till you make it, a blush can work wonders.


Honey is an incredible ally for all who seek to boost their glow. As a daily facewash, honey cannot be beat and for those in a rush to experience the benefits, a quick honey mask on your T-zone and cheeks will result in noticeably softer, more supple skin. While you can find masks in stores with honey as an additive, try mixing your own DIY masks once a week in order to get the best results – using ingredients such as honey and avocado, honey and yoghurt, or honey and oats.

Daily massages

A great way to bring colour to your face, and keep your skin soft and supple, is a daily massage. Always use an oil-base before starting, even if you have oily skin, to avoid tugging on delicate areas around your eyes and mouth. A firm but gentle pressure is best, and there are numerous online videos which demonstrate different techniques. A roller is a reasonable tool to consider if you don’t have time to add a full daily face massage into your current routine.

A healthy diet

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and feeding it properly will help to keep it in tip-top shape. If most of your meals consist of fast foods or processed ones, your skin is likely to suffer as a result of missing minerals. Fresh, vibrant fruits and vegetables that are full of moisture and vitamins will help keep your skin plump and healthy, along with allowing you to have better gut health, which will lead to you having a natural, lit-from-within glow.


Dull and flaky skin can be due to diet, weather, or bethe result of little to no exfoliation. Shop bought exfoliators used once or twice a week are great at combating this, though exfoliators can range from fancy sponges, to ultrasonic cleansers, or even just be a good old-fashioned washcloth. When exfoliating, remember to add in some cleanser to get the oil, dirt and impurities out, especially if you’ve been wearing makeup.


If you’re not drinking enough fluids, your skin is going to visibly suffer from dehydration. Look for ways to boost your overall water intake – even if it comes in the form of carbonated mineral waters or herbal teas. If you’re not drinking enough water because you’re busy, look for specific water-reminder apps which, once downloaded and set up, will remind you ever hour or two to have something to drink.


While natural glowing skin is something you can achieve over time or when you click here for more fun that will leave you feeling flushed, for instant results there’s always the option to use makeup. If your skin is moisturised, add foundation and concealer on, then bring in the glow with a shimmery powder, bronzer or a highlighter. A faint pearl sheen dusted across your nose and cheeks will add some depth to your face, and suits all skin types.

These tips should see you well on your way to glowing beautiful skin. For problem skin, always consult a dermatologist before trying any new skincare products.

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