How To Make My Motorbike Last A Long Time

Motorbikes are not cheap to buy and when they last for a while you start to wonder how to make my motorbike last. Although, with proper care it should last you a long time but when it starts to show its age and requires repairs, you can be left with big bucks. I have had enough experience of spending too much money on maintenance that is not required. When I bought my bike I thought I would spend the same amount again as I have been saving all along to put towards my motorcycle.

When I looked over the motorbike I realised it was in a bad condition and needed some work. When I first bought it I did not know how to make my motorbike last a while and ended up spending more money than I had planned. When I got it home I asked my friend how to make my motorbike last a while and he told me to take good care of it. I took his advice and now have the bike that looks just like new.

When you first buy a motorcycle, you can not expect it to last forever so you need to know how to make my motorbike last. The first things that you should do is check the oil. If the oil is clear and has no sludge in it then it should last a long time. Another way to tell if your oil is fine is to dip it in water and see if the oil floats. If the oil floats then it is fine and if it sinks in than your oil is suffering and you should get some new oil soon.

You should also change the oil often and check the brake fluid. Both of these will make your brakes work better but they are also good for the other parts. Your seats should be kept in good condition and you should replace them when necessary as well. Check the oil and the filters often as well. Make sure that they all are clean and clear of any debris. If you ride in dusty areas, make sure that you wipe down the motorcycle at least once a week to prevent any dirt from getting inside and clogging the filters.

A very important part of learning how to make my motorbike last a while is to keep it tuned up and well oiled. Oil changes are very easy to do yourself. When you first get your bike you should go over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure that there are no loose bolts or screws. Loose nuts and bolts can cause serious problems if they come loose and become a safety issue. You can also tune the fan belts by yourself, but make sure that you get it right.

You may think that it’s difficult to learn how to make my motorbike last a while, but it really isn’t. If you follow these simple tips every week you will find that your bike is in better condition and you will have fewer trips to the mechanic. You will also find that you will have more fun on the road as you will be riding at a higher speed.

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