How To Add Extra Luxury To Your Lifestyle

Luxury On a Budget

With lockdown eased and travel options open, it’s tempting to want to break away from your own four walls and head out to a travel destination far from home to enjoy a bit of pampering – despite the costs that will be incurred. Instead of paying to travel afar, look for somewhere local that you can book a stay at and bring some items with to make your stay more memorable. Or skip a stay elsewhere and remain at home – opting instead to splurge a bit on special day trips or purchasing homeware items you ordinarily wouldn’t consider.

  • Visit a B&B instead of a hotel

While hotel stays are top of the range for some, a stay at a highly rated and personalised B&B that you can return to for years to come is a much better option in the long run. If you think you’re going to miss the hotel perks of a chocolate on the pillow, or a turn down service, ask the B&B owner if they would consider doing that for you, for a small extra fee. B&B rates are usually far more affordable than a pricey suite, and there are many charming options to choose between for those after a countryside or inner city stay.

  • Your favourite tea or coffee

If you’re opting to do a budget stay, then a way to make your time away from home more enjoyable is to bring along your favourite coffee or tea in your suitcase – so you can indulge in a bit of familiar decadence each morning after you wake – as opposed to having to buy takeaway coffeeor travel to the nearest restaurant.

  • Pop some champagne and eat oysters

A seaside trip complete with a champagne lunch is a definite decadent do – but it’s unlikely to be budget friendly by anyone’s book. Instead of going to a restaurant to enjoy this, pack a picnic basket with your items du jour, and find somewhere closeby to break out the snacks. Strawberries and cream, oysters and water biscuits, hummus and veggie cuts, champagne or wine … the choice is ultimately yours and can be done for almost half the price.

  • Luxurious bedding

One of the best things you can add to your own home, to bring a touch of daily luxury you’ll notice, is a soft cotton bedding set or two with as high a threadcount as you can afford. After all, most people spend over half their lives sleeping, and doing so comfortably on cosy, breathable sheets is a must! A new mattress and some firm but fluffy pillows are a secondary investment which will have you well on your way to enjoying a trip to dreamland each evening.

  • Scentsational smells

We experience life through all five senses, and one of the most neglected ones around is our sense of smell. We’re quick enough to wrinkle our nose at the garbage truck, but ask yourself: when last did you smell something that made you smile? If you can’t remember, then a worthwhile luxury to invest in is a wearable scent you love, a candle that you can light each day with a scent that makes you smile, or buying the plant which your favourite kind of flowers grow on – so you can pluck them out of the garden!

  • Fresh, in-season foods

Packaged foods that you can pop in the microwave can be a lifesaver on busy nights or when you’re playing real money pokies, but the daily choice to eat high quality, in-season and locally produced foods is a luxury that you should invest in if you can. Fresh food tastes better than packaged and have a much higher nutritional profile than anything in a can or box. It’s another way to invest in your health, and your taste buds are certain to thank you.

Luxury is a very personal experience for each person, as our tastes definitely differ in what we view as luxurious. With these tips in hand however, you should be well on your way to helping to define what your own brand of luxury is – so you can pursue it wholeheartedly.

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