Advantages and Disadvantages for Using Computers Within the Classroom

The advantages and disadvantages for applying computers in the classroom are often misunderstood by people. Many people believe that using computers to teach science or math will save them time and money, however, these are two very different fields of study and you can actually lose students because of your inability to provide them with a quality education.

One of the advantages to using computers in the classroom is that it is easier for students to learn the concepts associated with a subject because they do not have to experience the real situation that a teacher puts their students into. Students are taught exactly what to expect to see in the classroom environment and they are also able to work on the assignments they have created while sitting at home. However, this advantage does not last long as the same student may be able to perform in a different environment, but this does not mean that students will learn anything more than they already did because they will still be learning from a book that they were assigned to read.

Disadvantages to using computers in the classroom include the fact that many teachers are afraid of being able to teach effectively because of the lack of interaction between students and the teacher. This can lead to frustration on both sides and can make it difficult for the teacher to teach effectively.

Another disadvantage is that because computers are programmed in a certain way, students are often less likely to learn new concepts and this may limit the amount of knowledge they gain, especially if they do not take the time to study the information provided by the computer. The teacher may also find it difficult to motivate students when the students cannot relate to the subject matter they are teaching.

Disadvantages to using computers in the classroom include the fact that students will probably be bored more quickly than they would be if the teacher taught in the classroom environment. They will also not be motivated because they do not know what they should expect when they enter the classroom and they will most likely be using the computer to get information.

Disadvantages to using computers within the classroom are definitely more disadvantages than advantages. It is best to avoid them. Using computers in the classroom will allow you to teach in a much different and effective way, but you must ensure that you implement the proper techniques to make the classroom environment as fun and exciting as possible for your students.


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